10 fast recipes for grilling Meat

1. Mideast lamb chops: Shoulder cuts are the best and the cheapest; just don’t burn them. Marinate them briefly in yogurt, lemon, cardamom and mint. Serve with lemon and parsley. 2. Midwest pork chops: Again, shoulder; again, don’t burn. Marinate briefly in spicy mustard, chopped garlic and apple cider. 3. Six-minute steak (or maybe four):

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10 fast recipes for grilling Vegtables and Fruits

1. A winter dish, summer style: Brush thick slices of fennel bulbs with olive oil and grill over not-too-high heat. Cut oranges in half and grill, cut-side down. Put fennel on a bed of arugula or watercress, squeeze grilled oranges over top. Garnish with fennel fronds. 2. Best grilled artichokes: Cut artichokes in half, scoop

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10 tips

10 grilling tips to be the King of the BBQ

1. PREHEAT THE GRILL Don’t make the mistake of slapping your steaks on the grill as soon as possible. If you just lit your fire, the grill’s grates still need time to heat up even if the air above them feels scorching hot. Cool grates end up sticking to food, which means you won’t get

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10 useful tips for healthy grilling

1. Pick the perfect protein. Fish, skinless chicken breast and lean ground poultry are all healthier choices. The good fats in fish like salmon and trout actually have health benefits. And when you grill with skill, your guests won’t even miss the red meat, which usually has more saturated fat. Wrap marinated fish fillets in

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